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Moksh Popli, an entrepreneur, travel consultant and experienced blogger is an Indian origin businessman in New York who is currently residing in New Delhi. As an experienced travel blogger and travel consultant, Moksh Popli have written many travel related blogs advising people on various travel related problems and provided solutions for the same, tips and best destinations to visit. He has experience in various fields like traveling and is a travel freak.

Recently, COVID-19 situation bought about a revolution in traveling industry and everything was shut for months without knowing the fact that when will it be normal again. Moksh Popli presented his views and provided with various tips to be followed while traveling post lockdown. He put the light on tourism of India as well and explained how it has been adversely affected due to the pandemic. Other than this, he provided with his views on the best destinations to travel in autumn.

Keeping health point of view in mind, Moksh Popli mentioned tips of staying healthy while traveling. His blogs are related to the trending traveling concerns and help people a lot in understanding prevailing traveling ideas, destinations and etiquettes. A blog on traveling etiquette have also been written by him in order to prevent people from getting ashamed and embarrassed in front of others. As every country have different traditions and customs, proper study should be done before traveling to any new country. Moksh Popli lists such well-knitted advices to make your travel experience the way better as it could be before reading his blogs.

If you travel daily or occasionally, the solution of your every travel related problem is with Moksh Popli. Even the aftereffects of the disease isn’t over yet, but people are slowly getting  used to the new normal. The experts say that we can’t stick down to lockdown for lifetime. Moksh Polpi says during this unlocking phase Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, etc are open for travel. However, the worst part of traveling is airfare cost. You need to be sneaky so that you’ll not struggle to find a great deal for yourself which comes under your budget as well the timeline. You just need to find the good deals on flight as they might be waiting for you to grab them. He has a lot of experience in traveling and in his recent blog he mentioned all the points related to “How to get good flights deals”.

Moksh Popli believes that helping others find success really motivates him to get up and work every day. Doing all this for himself who also empowers other is a driving source for him and when the time came for consulting for him, it became an easy choice. As a business consultant, Moksh Popli guides business owners in the right direction and focuses on providing businesses worldwide with unparalleled services.