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Indeed, it is the 21st century, but people have no idea about the significance of information security for their business. It is a misconception by many that their information is free from threats. And, it is the biggest mistake, says Moksh Popli.

People have to understand that it is possible that someone can break into their data. Paying proper attention to IT security is important, as a company takes action to guard other essential services. He further says, with the advancements in technology, cyber-attacks are rising, they may happen even before you know it. And it may bring your organization at risk. Moksh Popli says, we have to be extra careful and take measures to make it secure.

What exactly Information security includes?

Information security guards a company’s data that is secured in a system from malicious objects. This information can be digital or non-digital, it could be anything like information regarding your business, personal data, and confidential documents. Precisely, it is also termed as infosec, a method of limiting illegal and unlawful access, confidentiality, damage, and alteration of information.

Importance of Information security

If digital security is overlooked, then the entire company can be in danger, which affects the data and information shared by the customers and partners. Moksh says it harms the company’s stake that brings displeasing outcomes like splitting the image, endangering secrets, and effecting plans. Experts say that a cyber-attack produces grave issues and inestimable losses to any business, whether big or small. Whereas, small and mid-size businesses consider that they are not potential targets, so they should not invest in securing the data. But, the actual situation is vice versa.

Dripped or stolen data can commence to big losses such as financial issues, bankruptcy, end of the business, and negative image of the company. Nowadays, the most widespread IT security warnings are:

  • Malware- It is a dangerous agent that attacks the software with malicious code to destroy data or devices.
  • Raid on vulnerabilities- It is the result of carelessness and lack of attention regarding data security.
  • Phishing- It is attacked through electronic fraud within the company via e-mail, making the targets to click on the infected links, etc.

Moksh Popli says that every company should follow a basic rule to ensure the safety of their data and access should be given to authorized personals.

In this context, he says that the companies should take advantage of Access Control. It will permit authorized persons to reach the sensitive data. Keep the information under password-protected rooms, using a digital signature, etc. Make sure to have an IT department to handle the data fundamentals and secure the confidentiality of information. It will lead to safe data, user restriction, and strict adherence to IT professionals. Backups are acting as a savior in today’s time. Maintaining a Digi locker outside the company premises can help in retrieving the lost information promptly. Competent awareness regarding information security and its practices should be addressed for big and small businesses.

Moksh Popli is a passionate business consultant and entrepreneur based in New York. He is into helping businesses across the globe with his fierce wisdom and perspicacity. Recently, in 2019 he laid the stones of his venture Tout and Own Pvt. Ltd. and now he is busy unrolling the travel and security software skills.